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Risky Regions
Caught Off Guard
Europe Seeks Ways to Address Threats

Risky Regions
A Strategic Pivot
Korean Peninsula Presents a Complex Challenge

Risky Regions
Subcontinental Shakeup
United States Finds New Ally in Pakistan

Risky Regions
A Battle for the Moderates
Understanding Arab Culture Is Key

Ten Years After the Soviet Collapse
Terrorists in Chechnya?
Putin Says Bin Laden Is Involved; Refugees Believe Otherwise

Ten Years After the Soviet Collapse
Hope for the Russian Media?
Two Titans Meet

Humanitarian Work Honored
The 2001 Hoover Medal was given to Stanley Foundation President and Chair Richard Stanley

Alliance At Work
Eyes in the Sky
Article 5 Invoked

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United Nations
Rebuilding After War
Laying Durable Foundations for Peace

’The future is squarely on their shoulders’
Common Ground’s Kristin McHugh recently talked to Julia Taft

New Foundation Program
Going Solo?
Strategies for National Security Initiative to Explore US Policy Options

Servers at Sea
Online¸ Offshore
Web Entrepreneurs Seek Haven on Former Gunnery Platform

What’s in It for Youth
Thinking Globally¸ Playing Locally
Summer Programs Offer Global Perspectives

Technology Access
Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Ideal Terrorist Tools Must Be Both Dramatic and Available

More Common Ground
World Affairs Matter
Foundation Expands Radio Show to Hourlong Format

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Relief and Protection
The Role of Nonstate Actors
Armed Conflict Produces Profitable Opportunities

’Ironies Are Everywhere’
Cuba¸ the United States¸ and the World
Americans and Cubans Meet in Havana

Promoting "Habits of Cooperation" in Southeastern Europe
A Plan to Rebuild Serbia
Recommendations Inspired by the Marshall Plan

Satellite Imaging
The Globalization of Sky and Space
Eyes in the Sky Provide Detailed Views of Earth

Marx Meets Magic Kingdom
Lithuanian Theme Park Preserves Soviet Statues

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Courier Courier
The Winter 2016 issue of Courier features policy insights for the President-elect and new US leadership to improve our peace and security in nuclear policy, genocide prevention, and climate change. The issue also includes an in-depth interview with a survivor of the Phnom Penh, Cambodia genocide in the late 1970s. The full Winter 2016 issue. PDF (1.0 MB) Subscribe for FREE.

Stanley Foundation at 60
On December 12, 1956, the Stanley Foundation was certified as a nonprofit corporation in the state of Iowa, bringing to life an organization dedicated to creating a world in which there is a secure peace with freedom and justice. Sixty years later, the organization continues to pursue and advance that vision as a thriving nonpartisan operating foundation. Moreover, it remains an organization with a professional staff and the involvement of family members who have an ongoing role in shaping its strategy and core values. More.

IRP Fellows Reporting Live from the COP22 Climate Change Conference in Morocco
The International Reporting Project (IRP) and the Stanley Foundation collaborated to bring five international journalists to Marrakech, Morocco to report on the Twenty-Second Conference of the Parties (COP22) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) from November 7-18, 2016.  

SAFETY Guidelines for Journalists:<br>Radiation Incidents SAFETY Guidelines for Journalists:
Radiation Incidents

In the event of a radiation incident such as the use of a so-called dirty bomb or nuclear reactor incident, accurate and swift reporting is vital to public safety. This guide is intended to both help the journalist to be safe if they are covering such a story and to provide basic safety information that can be conveyed to the public to limit the risk of radiation exposure. 

Reporting a Radiation Emergency Reporting a Radiation Emergency
Journalists would play an indispensable role keeping the public informed in an emergency resulting in the release of radiation, either accidental or deliberate. But what do they need to do their job effectively? The following recommendations to authorities who would manage such an emergency were drafted by participants in the 2016 Rotterdam Nuclear Security Workshop for International Journalists.

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Stanley Foundation Annual Conferences Stanley Foundation Annual Conferences
The Stanley Foundation holds two annual conferences, UN Issues and the Strategy for Peace Conference. These bring together experts from the public and private sectors to meet in a distraction-free setting and candidly exchange ideas on pressing foreign policy challenges.

Divided into roundtable talks, the cutting-edge discussions are intended to inspire group consensus and shared recommendations to push forward the debate on the foundation’s key policy areas.

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Nuclear Security Video Nuclear Security Video
The Stanley Foundation produced a 13-minute video looking at what needs to be done to stop terrorist groups from acquiring enough fissile material to make a bomb. The foundation talked with over a dozen diverse and distinguished experts from the Nuclear Security Governance Experts Group and the Fissile Materials Working Group to see how today's patchwork of voluntary arrangements can be forged into a long-lasting system. Watch the video.

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