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Carbon Pricing, Technology Investment, and Trade: Integrating Design Elements for a Low Carbon Club

Fissile Materials Working Group Quarterly Meeting

Climate Change and Security: Examining the Role of Security Concerns in Climate Change Governance

The Results We Need in 2016: Policy Recommendations for the Nuclear Security Summit

Recommendations for Nuclear Material Governance

06/23/2015 - 06/24/2015
5th Annual Meeting of the Global Network of R2P Focal Points

06/16/2015 - 06/26/2015
Investigation U.

Global Research-Policy Interface Climate 2015 Side Event

Groundswell Dialogue Session

Catalyzing Climate Action for Resilient Development

Galvanizing the Groundswell Networking Event

06/04/2015 - 06/05/2015
Order and Disorder in Today's Global Order

Joint Agreements: Enabling Cooperative Action by Countries in Paris

05/27/2015 - 05/28/2015
Key Regional Actors and Sector Opportunities for International Climate Change Cooperation

05/25/2015 - 05/29/2015
Latin American Network for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention: Second Raphael Lemkin Seminar and Fourth Focal Points Meeting

Intersection of Radiological Security and Public Health

Recommendations for Nuclear Material Governance

Prevention in Latin America: Launch of the 2014 Annual Report of the Latin American Network for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention

Employment Opportunities
Director of Communications: The director of communications, a senior professional at the Stanley Foundation, is responsible for all aspects of the foundation’s external communications, from general brand to specific material production.

Program Officer, Media: The Stanley Foundation seeks a program officer to join its Policy Programming Department. The chosen candidate will work with the foundation’s leadership team and staff to plan, implement, and assess the impact of the foundation’s media programming in pursuit of our mission, vision, and organizational goals.

Employment Opportunities
Policy Program Officer, Nuclear Security: The Stanley Foundation seeks a program officer to plan, implement, and assess the impact of the foundation’s nuclear security policy programming.

Policy Program Officer, Human Protection; The Stanley Foundation seeks a program officer to plan, implement, and assess the impact of the foundation’s human protection policy programming.

Courier Courier
The latest issue of Courier features an investigation of a 2007 break-in at a South African nuclear storage facility that still unnerves many officials and experts. It also considers the architecture for climate action that needs to be built ahead of this year's global gathering in Paris. Another article looks at our annual global youth conference that brings students together to discuss global issues. Finally, two teachers share how a travel award offers unique professional development.

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Our bimonthly newsletter looks at the need to establish a group to negotiate an international convention on nuclear security. The Spring issue of Courier has been published and we feature a new analysis brief that offers two ideas for energizing the international community to build the rule of law around the world.

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The Stanley Foundation publishes policy briefs, analytical articles, and reports on a number of international issues. To reduce our carbon footprint and cut waste, we almost exclusively, use electronic distribution for our publications. Sign up to receive our resources via e-mail.

Stanley Foundation Annual Conferences
The Stanley Foundation holds two annual conferences, UN Issues and the Strategy for Peace Conference. These bring together experts from the public and private sectors to meet in a distraction-free setting and candidly exchange ideas on pressing foreign policy challenges.

Divided into roundtable talks, the cutting-edge discussions are intended to inspire group consensus and shared recommendations to push forward the debate on the foundation’s key policy areas.

Nuclear Security Video Nuclear Security Video
The Stanley Foundation produced a 13-minute video looking at what needs to be done to stop terrorist groups from acquiring enough fissile material to make a bomb. The foundation talked with over a dozen diverse and distinguished experts from the Nuclear Security Governance Experts Group and the Fissile Materials Working Group to see how today's patchwork of voluntary arrangements can be forged into a long-lasting system. Watch the video.

Watch and Learn Watch and Learn
Stanley Foundation events, talks, video reports, and segments from our Now Showing event-in-a-box series can now be viewed on YouTube. To receive regular updates on our video posts, please subscribe today.