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Preventing a nuclear terrorist attack from taking place anywhere is an achievable and common sense goal the world’s governments can agree on. It requires US leadership and international cooperation (including full implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1540) to effectively secure the global supply of nuclear-weapon usable material. Securing the material eliminates the threat.

Current Work

Building Coalitions, Engaging the Public
The Stanley Foundation advocates for US and international policies that lead to the security of nuclear material around the world. It participates in and supports the Fissile Materials Working Group (FMWG), a coalition of more than 40 nuclear nonproliferation groups and experts. The FMWG has made a series of policy recommendations, is tracking the nuclear security summit process from DC to Seoul, and works to engage policymakers and media on the issue.

The foundation also encourages public discussion on the topic with a Now Showing event-in-a-box toolkit called Radioactive Challenge, which explores the challenge of keeping nuclear material out of the hands of terrorists. Contact Anya Loukianova for more information.

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April 2014
Preventing Weak Links in Nuclear Security:
A Strategy for Soft and Hard Governance

Conference Report (213K)

March 2014
Southern Flows: WMD Nonproliferation in the Developing World
Other Publication (2,462K)

December 2013
Planning for Success at the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit
William Tobey
Policy Analysis Brief (165K)

October 2013
Preventing Weak Links in Nuclear Security: A Strategy for Soft and Hard Governance
Policy Memo (108K)

June 2013
Building International Confidence and Responsibility in Nuclear Security
Summary Report & Initial Policy Recommendations from the Nuclear Security Governance Experts Group
Conference Report (149K)

March 2013
Building a Nuclear Security Framework From the Ground Up: Encouraging Coordination Among Centers of Excellence in Northeast Asia
Sharon Squassoni
Policy Analysis Brief (84K)

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March 2014
A Gathering in the City of Peace and Justice
By Ambassador Piet de Klerk

March 2014
Consider This...HEU

March 2014
Saving the World at Plutonium Mountain
David E. Hoffman and Eben Harrell

March 2014
On Pain and Vision
Ambassador Alfredo Labbé

November 2013
Chipping Away at the Iceberg
Jennifer Smyser, Editor

September 2013
An HEU Milestone Means a New Challenge Ahead
by Anya Loukianova

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
A column written for the Fissile Materials Working Group

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April 2014
The Way Forward for Nuclear Security

April 2014
Creating a Legacy for the Nuclear Security Summit

July 2013
UNSCR 1540: Toward a Safe, Secure World

November 2010
Radioactive Challenge

November 2008
An Interview with Jean du Preez
MP3 (15MB)

June 2008
Matt Martin on Nuclear Nonproliferation (Part 1)
MP3 (7MB)

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Preventing Weak Links in Nuclear Security:
A Strategy for Soft and Hard Governance
Conference Report
April 2014

This NSGEG report argues that world leaders should address five key dimensions of international nuclear security governance through the Nuclear Security Summit process and develop a strategic end game for the 2016 summit in the United States. Read More


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Courier Courier
In the newest issue of Courier, we share an amazing (and secret) diplomatic effort to secure dangerous nuclear material in Kazakhstan. Two ambassadors discuss how to make our world safer from nuclear terrorism. You can also discover more than you ever wanted to know about climate change negotiations and about the tension within the United Nations that makes it difficult to be efficient. Our final piece looks at the potential for mass atrocities in the Dominican Republic.

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New Video New Video
Ahead of the third Nuclear Security Summit, the Stanley Foundation produced a 13-minute video looking at what needs to be done to stop terrorist groups from acquiring enough fissile material to make a bomb. The foundation talked with over a dozen diverse and distinguished experts from the Nuclear Security Governance Experts Group and the Fissile Materials Working Group to see how today's patchwork of voluntary arrangements can be forged into a long-lasting system. Watch the video.

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This Now Showing event-in-a-box toolkit Before the Killing Begins: The Politics of Mass Violence considers how early preventive strategies by governments and the international community should build much-needed capacities within countries, and make it harder for leaders to resort to violence. It aims to encourage discussion of how future efforts might better protect populations under threat, giving new resolve to the promise of never again. Sign Up.

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