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The Responsibility to Protect

The international intervention in Libya, originally led by the UK, France, and the US—and soon after taken over by NATO—has reignited dicussion over what kinds of policy measures should be used to prevent imminent mass atrocities, and particularly whether military intervention is an appropriate response.

A new compendium by e-IR seeks to draw attention to some of the most interesting aspects of the heated debate that rages on the Responsibility to Protect.

Stanley Foundation Program Officer Rachel Gerber has authored one of the pieces, "Prevention: Core to the Responsiblity to Protect." Other authors include Thomas G. Weiss, Ramesh Thakur, Mary Ellen O’Connell, Aidan Hehir, Alex J. Bellamy, David Chandler, Rodger Shanahan, Abiodun Williams, and Gareth Evans.

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Beyond Libya: A World Ready to Respond to Mass Violence

In an op-ed published in the Savannah Morning News, Stanley Foundation Program Officer Rachel Gerber writes about how the Responsiblity to Protect has become transformative in the way the international community responds to mass atrocity issues.

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