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Seeking a secure peace with freedom and justice, built on global citizenship and effective global governance.

Stopping the Spread of Nuclear Weapons
New challenges call for new approaches

The Nuclear World
State Department official says collaboration with other countries is key

North Korea
Tough policy choices must be made by the international community

US Foreign Policy
A discussion with Ambassador Chas. Freeman

The UN's New Leader
"Global challenges call for global response," says next UN secretary-general

Fall/Winter 2006

Editor's Note
Open media changes the face of the Arab world

Behind the Scenes
Arab media thriving amid controversy both in the United States and Middle East

Pan-Arab Satellite Television 101
New stations popping up 'every week'

On the Ground
Arab viewers show little loyalty to particular TV channels

Memo to Policymakers
US leaders must cope with savvy, sophisticated Arab audiences

US Coverage of the Middle East
Experts say US media often falls short of providing context, history, and analysis

The Images
Through the lens of VII Photo Agency photographers

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Summer 2006
Courier 50

Editor's Note
Provoking thought and encouraging dialogue since 1989

In 2026
US must lead multilateral efforts to address security threats, globalization

Budget Priorities
Diplomacy, International Affairs budget key to US leadership

A multilateral plan needed for country's rebuilding

International community still has the chance to lead, not react

United Nations
The search for a new secretary-general is under way

Another Chance for Diplomacy
World body a forum for member countries, not an independent entity

Teaching the Teachers
Explorer Awards send K-12 instructors worldwide

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Spring 2006