The Stanley Foundation
Seeking a secure peace with freedom and justice, built on global citizenship and effective global governance.

Seoul Search
South Koreans emphasize denuclearization successes of multilateral talks

Change Coming
Amid renewed calls for eliminating nuclear weapons, Stanley Foundation analyzes issues behind US strategy

International Action Needed
It’s time for ASEAN to move beyond rhetoric and take action against military regime

America & the World
What role does this play in the US global agenda?

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Winter 2007

Southeast Asia
Aid, trade, infrastructure

United States & Lebanon
Challenges and recommendations

Other battles and issues must be addressed

United Nations
Human rights vs. “war on terror”?

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Fall 2007

Beyond Fear
US military in Djibouti takes softer approach to counterterrorism

Can it join the global economy?

Policy Analysis
Facing nontraditional threats

Vienna Report
We have reached a crossroads on nuclear issues

Beyond Fear
“Let’s do everything we avoid a war.”

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Summer 2007

US Foreign Policy
Conference examines how United States might lead effectively in the 21st century

At a Glance
Six breakout panels at the Stanley Foundation’s Conference on National and Global Security delved into issues that often come up in the foundation’s work.

National Security
Large majorities of Americans see a vital need to earn international goodwill

The Far East
Engagement is key to US policy in a region of conflicted past, an unclear future, and cross-border challenges growing ever-more complex

Constructive Debate
New series of jointly authored policy papers examines ways to strengthen multilateral engagement

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Spring 2007