The Stanley Foundation
Seeking a secure peace with freedom and justice, built on global citizenship and effective global governance.

International Order
Building multilateral security cooperation may require expanding the G-8

Rising Powers: The New Global Reality
What does it means for countries to be responsible stakeholders?

Rising Powers: The New Global Reality
In the wake of the Russia-Georgia conflict, Turkey looks to strengthen ties with former Soviet states

Nuclear Nonproliferation
New report outlines how US should reconfigure its nuclear policy

Rising Powers: The New Global Reality
Article by Stanley Foundation program officer focuses on the United States and rising powers

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Winter 2008

United Nations
Global responses to escalating civil conflicts are ­needed, and they’ll have implications for US policy

Rising Powers: The New Global Reality
The United States has an opportunity to forge enduring partnerships with rising powers to solve pressing global problems

Rising Powers Preview

US Diplomacy
A long-touted civilian reserve corps is just part of the solution, but focus should be on boosting permanent US diplomacy efforts

Middle East
Helping Syria attract foreign investments, integrate into the global economy, do business with America will further reforms

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Fall 2008

Rising Powers: The New Global Reality
US, Indian journalists explore India’s rise and challenges ahead

Historic St. Petersburg nuclear dialogue ­provides rare opportunity for interaction with Russian scientists

Rising Powers: The New Global Reality
New public radio documentary

Middle East
Successful US leadership in the Middle East will require engagement, not a divide-and-conquer strategy

Rising Powers: The New Global Reality
An Interview With Odair Gonçalves

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Summer 2008

Confidence- and security-building measures can foster stable, productive relations between the United States, China, and Japan

US, Middle East
Policymakers should make multilateralism central to efforts to rebuild America’s reputation

US Military Advances Raise New Strategic Consequences

US Diplomacy
Most agree the United States must boost its civilian diplomacy efforts. So why isn’t the idea gathering steam?

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Spring 2008