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Seeking a secure peace with freedom and justice, built on global citizenship and effective global governance.

Nuclear Security
Looking to the 2010 International Nuclear Summit

Nuclear Security
Meeting the Global Challenge

Nuclear Security
Kazakhstan’s rejection of nuclear weapons and securing of fissile materials seen as key to nonproliferation

Nuclear Security
Nations can secure nuclear materials by meeting developing world needs

Nuclear Security
UN Security Council Resolution 1540 provides the legal framework for securing vulnerable materials

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Winter 2009

Fragile States
Stanley Foundation promotes stable, responsible states

Fragile States
New peacebuilding approaches can build ­capacity in post-conflict countries

Fragile States
Pauline Baker: Fragile states not destined to be failed states

Fragile States
When Kenya descended into post-election violence, an international effort helped restore peace

Fragile States

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Fall 2009

G-8? G-20? G-x?
Stanley Foundation encourages an evolution in global leadership

G-8? G-20? G-x?
Transnational problems and the rise of new powers may ignite new institutions, but the spark must come from Obama

G-8? G-20? G-x?
Groupings like the G-8 have the power to adapt to global challenges and improve international cooperation

G-8? G-20? G-x?
This century will be shaped by the various major power clubs, and who is invited to join will matter

Book Release
International Leadership in a Shrinking World

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Summer 2009

Rising Powers: China
“Americans should work to understand China, not fear it or condescend to it.”

Rising Powers: China: Xinjiang
China’s underreported crackdown on Uighur Muslims could turn moderates into martyrs

Rising Powers: Interview
Attacks may spark change as India’s youth continue to drive growth, Tharoor says

Rising Powers
Cooperation will replace competition in this new global order

New radio documentary explores India’s challenging path to global power

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Spring 2009