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Courier 94

Editor's Note

The Most Climate Vulnerable Countries and the Women Who Champion Their Commitment

Technology Could Ease Information Sharing Among Distrustful Parties

There Are More Boy Scouts Than UN Peacekeepers in the CAR. Even in the Midst of a Civil War, the Scouts Are Arguably More Effective.

Strengthening Resilience in Southern Iraq

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan Remembered

How Close Are We to 1.5ºC?

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Winter 2018
Courier 93

Editor's Note

We Should Be Alert to Signs of Further Erosion of the US Commitment to Multilateralism

The Fear Challenge and the Case for Promoting Peace

Climate Change Is a Security Threat, So Where Is the UN Security Council?

Cape Town, South Africa, Aims for Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050

Teaching Youths They Can Change the World is Imperative to Global Citizenship

Consider This

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Summer 2018
Courier 92

Iowa Farm Practices a Natural Way to Remove Carbon From the Atmosphere

Editor's Note

A Legacy of Service

Climate Change, Drought, and Development Have Devastated Cambodia’s Tonlé Sap Lake, Which Feeds Millions Across Southeast Asia

Originally published in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

The Future of Weapons Requires Cyber Vigilance

Secretary-General António Guterres Takes on the United Nations’ Systemic Weaknesses

At the Iowa Student Global Leadership Conference, 132 Students From 53 Countries Made New Friends That Will Last a Lifetime

Consider This....

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Spring 2018