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November 17, 2017


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Richard H. Stanley (1932-2017)

Chair Emeritus
Chair 1984-2017
President 1984-2007
Director 1956-2017

The Stanley Foundation is saddened to announce the passing of our Chair Emeritus, Richard H. Stanley. An engineer by profession, and a global businessman and world citizen at heart, Dick Stanley dedicated his life to making his community, family and the world a better place. At the Stanley Foundation, Dick embodied our vision, seeking a secure peace with freedom and justice, built on global citizenship and effective global governance. Mr. Stanley died today, November 17, following a brief illness. He was 85.

Mr. Stanley’s service to the Stanley Foundation began in 1956 as a founding board member along with his father, C. Maxwell Stanley; his mother, Elizabeth; his brother, David; and his sister, Jane. He served as Stanley Foundation president from the time of his father’s death in 1984 until 2007 and served as board chair from 1984 to 2017. He also served as chair and president of the Stanley Group and as vice chair of the board of the HNI Corporation and was on the boards of several for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

In his leadership roles at the Stanley Foundation, Mr. Stanley oversaw a private operating foundation directed toward achieving a secure peace with freedom and justice, built on global citizenship and effective global governance. He and the foundation advanced this work through policy analysis, conference dialogue, and outreach initiatives. In conjunction with foundation work, Mr. Stanley received the Harry S. Truman Distinguished Service Award from the American Association of Community Colleges and the Award for Citizen Diplomacy from the National Council for International Visitors.

Former US Representative Jim Leach (R-IA) paid tribute to Dick’s many contributions: “A citizen of this state and this country, Dick recognized as deeply as any individual on the planet that no country is an island. He understood that America’s values could only be sustained at home and proliferated abroad by working with and understanding peoples from all parts of the globe.”

International relations scholar John Ruggie, a frequent participant in Stanley Foundation conferences, recounted Dick’s contribution to the many events he attended: “People from around the world who might have critical views about US policies left Stanley Foundation meetings feeling that Americans can’t be all that bad if they’re anything like Dick Stanley.”

Stanley Foundation President Keith Porter said, “In addition to providing 33 years of leadership to the foundation, Dick deepened and encouraged family involvement in the foundation, provided many opportunities for others to step up to leadership roles, sharpened our focus on strategic thinking and policy impact, and carefully managed the foundation’s resources. In these and many other ways, Dick laid the groundwork for us all to carry the foundation’s mission far into the future.”

Stanley Foundation Board Chair Brian Hanson said, “We will miss Dick greatly. Through his leadership and deep commitment to the foundation’s goals and values, Dick greatly expanded the scope and impact of the foundation’s work. The greatest tribute we can offer is to carry on the legacy that Max and Dick built to make the world more peaceful and secure.”

For more information about Mr. Stanley’s distinguished professional career, follow this link to Stanley Consultants’ news release:

Mr. Stanley’s obituary:

Remembering Mary Jo Stanley

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